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This study album contains all of Pastor Jack's studies from the book of Psalms.
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Part of the poetic section of the Bible, Psalms is known as the "book of worship," or the "book of praises." Almost all of the psalms are written with accompanying instruments in mind, so in a way this is Israel's hymn book. Psalms is written in the present-tense, and its primary intention is to develop your personal relationship with God. This book doesn't spend as much time in history, but rather, it saturates you in the character of God by walking through the emotions of its authors. Many of the Psalms were written by David, who fully expresses his deepest cries of help and cheers in victory, which we can relate to today. In essence, the Psalms distinguish themselves by the genuine and honest seeking of the Lord for rest, strength, and comfort. 

Pastor Jack contextualizes the individual motivation of each psalm while focusing on an active heart that inquires of the Lord for every aspect of life. You will truly enjoy these Psalms that arrive at our present need by delving into personal prayers and songs in various forms.

This album contains 35 studies.

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Picture of Psalms MP3 On USB
Psalms MP3 On USB
What is the USB Card? A reusable 2GB USB stick approximately the same size of a credit card. The card is pre-loaded with all of Pastor Jack's studies from the book of Psalms. Once you have moved the studies to your computer, or MP3 player, you can remove them from the card and re-use it.

$19.99 (USD)
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Psalms MP3 On CD
What is the MP3 CD Album? A data CD that has been burned with all of Pastor Jack's studies from the book of Psalms. This CD can be played on any CD player with the MP3 logo. The CD can also be played using the computer's audio player.
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$19.99 (USD)
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