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From Vision To Fruition: Lessons From The Book Of Nehemiah

Picture of From Vision To Fruition: Lessons From The Book Of Nehemiah
From Vision To Fruition is Pastor Jack Abeelen's newest book. This easy to read book walks you through each chapter of the book of Nehemiah giving you practical and applicable lessons of how God can use you in ministry.

$12.99 (USD)

The Jesus Chronicles Study Materials

Picture of The Jesus Chronicles Study Materials
Jesus’ 3 ½ year public ministry comes alive in this vibrant, illuminating retelling by Pastor Jack Abeelen, a uniquely gifted Bible teacher. In The Jesus Chronicles, the Messiah’s sermons, healings, confrontations with Roman and religious authorities, and interactions with His disciples and the common people unfold chronologically, drawing the reader into the ancient world as if it were today.

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Jesus' Message to the Church

Picture of Jesus' Message to the Church
At the close of the first century, the apostle John, received a revelation on the island of Patmos that has become the final chapter of our Bible, the book of Revelation. Chapters two and three contain letters from Jesus that were sent to seven specific churches that were in existence at the time of John's writing. Even though they were written long ago, it is apparent that these churches represent churches that exist in every age. Moreover, these seven churches sequentially represent a prophetic time line that covers the entire age of the Church from the start of the Early Church until the time of the rapture. That being so, the question arises, which church age are we presently in? This and other prophetic topics are addressed by Pastor Jack Abeelen in Jesus Message to the Church.

$10.00 (USD)

God's View of Money

Picture of God's View of Money
The world says that money brings power and freedom, yet God's Word tells us that the love of money can lead to destruction. We are promised blessings as a result of our right attitudes about money, along with a promise that God Himself will provide for our every need. This book will forever challenge your thinking about money, its value and its purpose.

$5.00 (USD)

Hope for the Hopeless

Picture of Hope for the Hopeless
Pastor Jack looks at the Scriptures to show why so many people do not have the hope that the Bible promises.

Through the advances made by modern science, we are now living longer lives, but the question is, “Are we living better lives?” Too many people are most interested in quantity than quality. Pastor Jack has written this book in which he shows how Jesus demonstrated and taught His disciples to live better lives. These truths are timeless and well worth our diligent study.
Pastor Chuck Smith

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Joy In Every Circumstance Book

Picture of Joy In Every Circumstance Book
Written in a format that will make study easier and more fruitful, this thirty-day series book, which focuses on Paul’s wonderful message of joy, will soon have you rejoicing in the Lord in every situation. Let God’s Word feed your heart and mind, and may His joy be your strength each day!

$10.00 (USD)

Revelation Study Booklet (From Here To Eternity Study Notes)

Picture of Revelation Study Booklet (From Here To Eternity Study Notes)
This study guide is a companion booklet for the entire Revelation series taught by Pastor Jack Abeelen.

$8.00 (USD)

Does This Road Lead to Heaven?

Picture of Does This Road Lead to Heaven?
The Bible states that God has placed eternity in every heart (Ecclesiastes 3:11). As such, every individual has a drive within them to seek after some sense of permanence. There is a thirst to be in a place where there is continual joy, happiness and contentment. Unfortunately for most, the directions taken or the pursuits followed all lead to a result that the Bible clearly defines as eternal death and destruction. In this book, Pastor Jack Abeelen examines the words of Jesus in Matthew chapter 7 where He compared two roads going through two gates leading to two opposite destinies - life and destruction. Regardless of the individual, all are on one of these two roads in life. As to which road and which destiny, that becomes a matter of choice for the individual. In conclusion, Pastor Jack will share how the reader can make the right choice: the choice to be on the right road that leads to eternal life.

$4.25 (USD)