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4 Reasons For Christmas

Picture of 4 Reasons For Christmas
In this four part series, Pastor Jack presents four clear reasons why God gave us Christmas. These biblical reasons stand out in contrast to the secularizing mindset of the world regarding God's gift of His Son, Jesus. This resource would make an excellent witnessing tool to give as a gift at Christmas time.
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Armor of God

Picture of Armor of God
The Bible clearly teaches that when a person becomes saved, he then enters into a spiritual battle. This battle, like that of a physical battle, requires weaponry and protection. Paul, in his letter to the Ephesian believers, told them that if they were to stand against the many spiritual enemies they would need to 'put on the whole armor of God.' In this series of studies, Pastor Jack goes to length to describe the items of this armor and how they are used to protect us from spiritual attacks. This 10-part series is taken from Ephesians, chapter 6, verses 10-24.
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Be Praypared

Picture of Be Praypared
The Bible says much about the importance of prayer by both direct command and through the examples of many, including the Lord Jesus Himself. Pastor Jack has prepared a number of studies that stress both the importance and wonder of prayer. If you are looking for a motivation to intensify your own prayer life, this series will truly make you Praypared!
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By Faith: Studies From Hebrews 11

Picture of By Faith: Studies From Hebrews 11
Faith lessons from Hebrews 11. Not only is faith necessary for survival, faith is also the means for doing the impossible. In this series, Pastor Jack teaches on what is known as "The Hall of Faith" by examining the lives of those great heroes of the Bible.
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Christian Liberty

Picture of Christian Liberty
How do we as Christians enjoy and exercise the freedom that we have in Christ, while taking special care not to stumble other believers? The question of when our liberty becomes a liability is the topic of this series of studies by Pastor Jack Abeelen as he opens up the text of 1 Corinthians 8-10 and examines what the Bible says about this delicate balance.
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God's View Of Money CD

Picture of God's View Of Money CD
Order the CD Album and receive the book for free! The world says that money brings power and freedom, yet God's Word tells us that the love of money can lead to destruction. We are promised blessings as a result of our right attitudes about money, along with a promise that God Himself will provide for our every need. This three study series will forever challenge your thinking about money, its value and its purpose.
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Grace and Forgiveness

Picture of Grace and Forgiveness
So often people suffer from mental anguish because they fail to understand the depth of God's forgiveness, and the extent of His grace. The Bible is a loving message to guilty man from a gracious and loving heavenly Father. In ten studies, Pastor Jack looks at both what the Bible teaches about God's grace plus examples of individuals who received unbelievable forgiveness.
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Heavenly Blueprint for a Happy Home

Picture of Heavenly Blueprint for a Happy Home
Our generation is seeing the obliteration of the family and the death of marriages. What are the contributing factors? Why aren't things working out? What does God have to say about the situation? Join us as we seek God's direction and discover the joy of marriage and family Jesus style.
CD Album
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Hope For The Hopeless CD

Picture of Hope For The Hopeless CD
Depression has become an epidemic leading many to seek drastic measures for relief. In this series, Pastor Jack presents six studies outlining our hope during times of need.
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Jesus' Message To The Church CD Album

Picture of Jesus' Message To The Church CD Album
This is a study of the seven churches of Revelation (Revelation 2-3). The book of Revelation contains prophetic letters to churches in seven cities that address the way we, as Christians, live. These seven letters are presented in this seven study package.
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