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4 Reasons For Christmas

Picture of 4 Reasons For Christmas
In this four part series, Pastor Jack presents four clear reasons why God gave us Christmas.
CD Album
$13.99 (USD)  
DVD Album
$10.49 (USD)  

A Prayerfully-Led Marriage

Picture of A Prayerfully-Led Marriage
Marriage is one of the most important decisions in a person's life. Pastor Jack gives practical steps as outlined biblically regarding this life step.
CD Album
$4.99 (USD)  

Abraham - The Father of Many Nations

Picture of Abraham - The Father of Many Nations
Abraham, known as the Father of the Faith by many, didn't have as easy of a start to his faith as you may think.
CD Album
$19.99 (USD)  

Armor of God

Picture of Armor of God
In this series of studies, Pastor Jack goes to length to describe the items of this armor and how they are used to protect us from spiritual attacks.
USB Flash
$16.00 (USD)  

Be Praypared

Picture of Be Praypared
This series includes a number of studies that stress both the importance and wonder of prayer with Pastor Jack Abeelen.
CD Album
$26.59 (USD)  

Biblical Shepherding MP3 (2 Volume Set)

Picture of Biblical Shepherding MP3 (2 Volume Set)
This study album highlights the calling of the man of God, as well as the work that God has laid before him to complete (John 17:4).
CD Album
$22.50 (USD)  

By Faith: Studies From Hebrews 11

Picture of By Faith: Studies From Hebrews 11
Pastor Jack teaches on what is known as "The Hall of Faith" by examining the lives of those great heroes of the Bible.
CD Album
$39.99 (USD)  

Christian Liberty

Picture of Christian Liberty
How do we as Christians enjoy and exercise the freedom that we have in Christ, while taking special care not to stumble other believers?
DVD Album
$14.99 (USD)  
CD Album
$9.99 (USD)  

Conquering Fear & Anxiety

Picture of Conquering Fear & Anxiety
Fear. Anxiety. We know the crippling effects these can have on our day to day lives. What victory can be found for the believer in the Word of God?
CD Album
$7.99 (USD)  

Deborah & Barak - Swift to Obey, Swift to Victory

Picture of Deborah & Barak - Swift to Obey, Swift to Victory
Pastor Jack examines Deborah, the only female judge and the only judge and prophet besides Samuel, and her strong character draws our attention to how the Lord would have us to walk in confidence with Him.
CD Album
$7.99 (USD)  

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