Picture of Moses and the Plagues of Egypt

Moses and the Plagues of Egypt

Pastor Jack explores and brings to life these stories as well as God’s incredible sovereign hand throughout it all.
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One of the best known stories of the Bible is the story of the great exodus and the parting of the Red Sea. But what led up to this astonishing event and the fall of an ancient empire? 

A formidable moment takes place in the hearts of the two leaders in this story: the Pharaoh of Egypt and the prophet Moses. Both having been raised in Egyptian royalty, each man takes an opposite path and there is much to learn about the choice we make in either hardening or softening our hearts to the Almighty God. This Character Mini-Series will push you to think about the extent to which the Lord has access to your heart and the responsibility we carry in the choices we make. We pray the Lord speaks to you through this miraculous biblical account of Moses and the Plagues of Egypt.

Moses and the Plagues of Egypt is part of Growing Thru Grace's Character Mini-Series collection.

This album contains 4 studies:

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