James: Christianity In Action (Volume 1)

Picture of James: Christianity In Action (Volume 1)
The book of James has been called "Christianity in Work Clothes" because the writer, James, shows us how to apply biblical truth to our everyday lives. Faith and works are major themes that give this short book its personality. As such, James reminds us that "faith without works is dead." Pastor Jack looks at this relationship, which on the surface seems to contradict the Gospel of grace and presents it in a way that makes sense.
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No Partiality In The Law Of Liberty

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James 2:10-13
This study continues with part three on the subject of partiality, which James calls a sin that stems from the old nature. On the surface, we might not think that judging others on the basis of appearance is a serious crime. Yet, James tells us that if we try to keep the whole law, but offend in just one point by showing partiality, then we are guilty of all of the law. The point James makes is sin is sin regardless of how great or small we view it. Therefore, rather than being quick to judge others, we should show a hand of mercy because mercy triumphs over judgment.
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