Comparing My Choices With His

Picture of Comparing My Choices With His
James 2:5-9
James continues addressing the issue of partiality that is common with us all. In verse five, he tells us that God’s way of choosing is opposite of mans ways in that He has chosen the poor of the earth to be rich in faith. With that in mind, Pastor Jack reminds us that we were chosen not for our good looks, our noble intentions, or lovability, but only because God’s grace as He looks upon the heart. This is clearly seen looking at the humble means God used to bring Jesus into this world. Even when Jesus was ministering upon the earth, he reached out to the rejected and the disadvantaged. Therefore, as believers, we must see through God’s eyes and be ready to accept those for whom Jesus had come.
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James: Christianity In Action (Volume 1)

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The book of James has been called "Christianity in Work Clothes" because the writer, James, shows us how to apply biblical truth to our everyday lives. Faith and works are major themes that give this short book its personality. As such, James reminds us that "faith without works is dead." Pastor Jack looks at this relationship, which on the surface seems to contradict the Gospel of grace and presents it in a way that makes sense.
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