God Is So Good!

Picture of God Is So Good!
James 1:16-18
One of Satan’s many tricks to get people to blame God when bad things happen. In these verses, Pastor Jack reminds of the fact that we all face trials and when trials come we are not to blame God for our unpleasant circumstance. God is always good and the gifts that He gives us are always good. Therefore, we are not to interpret a trial to be God’s ill will toward us. God does not tempt us nor does He draw us into sin. Whenever we fall into temptation, we must take personal responsibility for our actions and never blame God. God is only and always good. By His will He brought life to us by literally birthing us.
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James: Christianity In Action (Volume 1)

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The book of James has been called "Christianity in Work Clothes" because the writer, James, shows us how to apply biblical truth to our everyday lives. Faith and works are major themes that give this short book its personality. As such, James reminds us that "faith without works is dead." Pastor Jack looks at this relationship, which on the surface seems to contradict the Gospel of grace and presents it in a way that makes sense.
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