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The Life of Joseph

Picture of The Life of Joseph
Pastor Jack gives insight into this Joseph’s life as we learn about forgiveness, patience, and knowing steadfastly that whatever it is we are going through, our God is in charge.
CD Album
$19.99 (USD)  

The Measure of a Man

Picture of The Measure of a Man
For forty years, The Measure of a Man has taught hundreds of thousands of men around the world how to live according to God's direction- faithfully, lovingly, and spiritually. Now revised, this classic guide to biblical masculinity is poised to impact a new generation of men. True masculinity is not measured by the strength of a man, but by these twenty biblical guidelines drawn from the Apostle Paul's letters to his young protégés Timothy and Titus. Inspiring, encouraging, and practical, this book shows men how they can reach God's standards as fathers, husbands, and mentors to other men.
The Measure of a Man
$15.99 (USD)  

The Person And Work Of The Holy Spirit

Picture of The Person And Work Of The Holy Spirit
Are the Spirit’s gifts for today? In this series, Pastor Jack gives an in-depth look at the many ministries of the third person of the Godhead.
DVD Album w/ Notes
$29.99 (USD)  
CD Album w/ Notes
$26.99 (USD)  

The Road To The Cross

Picture of The Road To The Cross
This six study series is ideal for someone who needs to know Jesus.
CD Album
$14.99 (USD)  

Wisdom about Wealth

Picture of Wisdom about Wealth
This topical message seeks to address our view of money in relation to our lives. As Pastor Jack will mention in his study, if we can get our view right about money and its place in our lives, we will be alright with the rest.
CD Album
$4.99 (USD)  

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