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Marriage Divorce and Remarriage Study Guide Notes

Picture of Marriage Divorce and Remarriage Study Guide Notes
Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage is a six-part study series notes comprehensively examining God's original intention and design for marriage.
Marriage Divorce and Remarriage Notes
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Materialism: Stuck on Stuff

Picture of Materialism: Stuck on Stuff
Our society now thrives on what looks best, what looks newest. Well, you may be surprised to learn that this judgment based on looks is not an old concept, it’s in the Bible!
CD Album
$4.99 (USD)  

Moses and the Plagues of Egypt

Picture of Moses and the Plagues of Egypt
Pastor Jack explores and brings to life these stories as well as God’s incredible sovereign hand throughout it all.
CD Album
$9.99 (USD)  

Nehemiah Inductive Bible Study

Picture of Nehemiah Inductive Bible Study
As we begin our study of the book of Nehemiah, we will learn invaluable lessons that will tremendously strengthen and encourage us in our walk with our Lord Jesus Christ. The book of Nehemiah is one of the best Old Testament books on the subject of our service to God. During Nehemiah’s life, he served as the cupbearer to the king, a builder of walls and a mighty servant leader of God’s people. Nehemiah’s life is an example of the biblical truth, if we are faithful in the little, God will indeed entrust much to us.
Nehemiah Inductive Bible Study
$14.00 (USD)  

Noah and the Flood

Picture of Noah and the Flood
Noah, famous for the ark, the animals, and the annihilation of the world brought by the judgment of God. But what made him stand out? How did mankind get to a place of great devastation across the earth?
CD Album
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Overcoming Depression

Picture of Overcoming Depression
What does God's Word have to say about depression, and having victory over it? Pastor Jack focuses on what the Lord’s promise is to us in the midst of our downcast souls.
CD Album
$4.99 (USD)  

Paul's Conversion: Losing My Religion

Picture of Paul's Conversion: Losing My Religion
In this Character Mini-Series, be encouraged as Pastor Jack walks us through this unlikely yet wonderful conversion and the display of how deep God’s love and forgiveness truly run.
CD Album
$9.99 (USD)  

Portraits From The Past

Picture of Portraits From The Past
Portraits From The Past is a topical journey through the Old Testament.
MP3 Album
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Proverbs: Foolproof Your Life

Picture of Proverbs: Foolproof Your Life
Pastor Jack takes us through a few of his favorite Proverbs.
CD Album
$7.49 (USD)  

Psalms - Topical Studies

Picture of Psalms - Topical Studies
Join Pastor Jack on a journey through many of the Psalms.
Psalms - Topical Studies MP3 2 disks
$9.99 (USD)  

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