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Sermon on the Mount Inductive Bible Study

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The Sermon on the Mount, found in Matthew, is one of the longest sermons recorded in the Bible. It is often quoted, misquoted, and even misunderstood entirely when it is removed from the context in which it was delivered. This sermon teaches us what the life of a disciple of Jesus should be like. These are His teachings on how faith in Him and a walk with Him, will change our lives. He gives us His word on self, possessions, marriage, worry, prayer, fasting, giving, forgiveness, love, good works, and spiritual hunger. Are you ready to go deeper? Do you want to know Him better? Will you allow Him to change you from the inside out? Let's sit at His feet and listen! Let's be ready to obey! Let's be transformed! Blessed is the one....
Sermon on the Mount Inductive Bible Study
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The Jesus Chronicles Study Materials

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Jesus’ 3 ½ year public ministry comes alive in this vibrant, illuminating retelling by Pastor Jack Abeelen, a uniquely gifted Bible teacher. In The Jesus Chronicles, the Messiah’s sermons, healings, confrontations with Roman and religious authorities, and interactions with His disciples and the common people unfold chronologically, drawing the reader into the ancient world as if it were today.
Study Pack
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The Inductive Study Vol. 1
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The Inductive Study Vol. 2
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The MP3 Studies
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So the Next Generation Will Know

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Whether you're a Christian parent, youth leader, or educator who works with Generation Z, this book was written for you. As powerful ideas in our increasingly secular culture shape more of this generation, trusted leaders must share what they know about Jesus in ways that will reach them. But how? Backed by the latest research and first-hand experience, this powerful book shows how to share biblical truth with a generation that desperately needs to hear it in a way that draws them in instead of pushing them away. Written by two youth influencers and experts on Generation Z, Sean McDowell, Ph.D., and J. Warner Wallace, So the Next Generation Will Know is an extraordinarily practical and relatable guide for anyone concerned with ensuring the next generation understands and embraces a biblical worldview.
So the Next Generation Will Know
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