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MP3 Proverbs-Song of Solomon

Picture of MP3 Proverbs-Song of Solomon
This study album contains all of Pastor Jack's studies from the books of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon.
Proverbs - Song of Solomon MP3 On USB
$15.99 (USD)  
Proverbs - Song of Solomon MP3 On CD
$15.99 (USD)  

From Vision To Fruition: Lessons From The Book Of Nehemiah

Picture of From Vision To Fruition: Lessons From The Book Of Nehemiah
FREE WITH ANY DONATION TO GROWING THRU GRACE From Vision To Fruition is Pastor Jack Abeelen's newest book. This easy to read book walks you through each chapter of the book of Nehemiah giving you practical and applicable lessons of how God can use you in ministry.
From Vision To Fruition

Better Dads, Stronger Sons

Picture of Better Dads, Stronger Sons
The relationship between a father and a son is like no other. Dads have a God-given role to protect and provide for their families, always striving to teach their sons the life skills they'll need to grow into honorable men. That may seem like a tall order, but being a good father isn't so much about what kind of parent you are as what kind of person you are. Better Dads, Stronger Sons can show you how to: o Talk with your son about important topics such as dating, sexual purity, respect, and self-discipline o Understand why male bonding, discipline, and spiritual leadership are vital to your relationship with your son o Recognize and avoid the top ten mistakes a father can make Even if you don't have confidence in your fathering skills, God says you fit the bill perfectly in His plan for your family. This book will help you strive to be the dad God designed you to be, so your son can grow to be everything he is meant to be.
Better Dads, Stronger Sons
$11.19 (USD)  

Ecclesiastes & Song of Solomon

Picture of Ecclesiastes & Song of Solomon
Radio messages from J. Vernon McGee delighted and enthralled listeners for years with simple, straightforward language and clear understanding of the Scripture. This volume includes introductory sections, detailed outlines and a thorough, paragraph-by-paragraph discussion of the text. A great choice for pastors - and even better choice for the average Bible reader and student! Very affordable in a size that can go anywhere, it's available as a complete 60-volume series, in Old Testament or New Testament sets, or individually.
Ecclesiastes & Song of Solomon
$7.19 (USD)  

A Father God Blesses

Picture of  A Father God Blesses
Scripture passages designed to encourage every father. God's Word offers help and blessings for every situation in life. In A Father God Blesses, dads will be uplifted by Scripture selections that speak to fathers of all ages and circumstances.
A Father God Blesses
$7.49 (USD)