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Hope for the Hopeless

Picture of Hope for the Hopeless
Hope for the Hopeless is free with any donation to Growing Thru Grace this month
English Version
Spanish Version

Genesis MP3

Picture of Genesis MP3
This study album contains all of Pastor Jack's studies from the book of Genesis. They have been encoded into the MP3 format, available on USB Flash Drive or CD Album.
Genesis MP3 On USB
$15.99 (USD)  
Genesis MP3 On CD
$15.99 (USD)  

Abraham - The Father of Many Nations

Picture of Abraham - The Father of Many Nations
Abraham, known as the Father of the Faith by many, didn't have as easy of a start to his faith as you may think.
CD Album
$15.99 (USD)  

Abraham & Joseph Inductive Bible Study

Picture of Abraham & Joseph Inductive Bible Study
In our world that is filled with uncertainty and insecurity we, as believers in Jesus Christ, are called to walk by faith. Abraham is called the father of the faithful (Romans 4:16).
Abraham & Joseph Inductive Bible Study
$14.40 (USD)  

Jacob - Fighting With the Flesh

Picture of Jacob - Fighting With the Flesh
Pastor Jack takes us on a journey through Jacob’s life as described in the book of Genesis, giving us context, historical background, and practical lessons along the way.
CD Album
$11.99 (USD)  

The Life of Joseph

Picture of The Life of Joseph
Pastor Jack gives insight into this Joseph’s life as we learn about forgiveness, patience, and knowing steadfastly that whatever it is we are going through, our God is in charge.
CD Album
$11.99 (USD)  

Noah and the Flood

Picture of Noah and the Flood
Noah, famous for the ark, the animals, and the annihilation of the world brought by the judgment of God. But what made him stand out? How did mankind get to a place of great devastation across the earth?
CD Album
$5.99 (USD)