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Women Counseling Women

Picture of Women Counseling Women
Multitudes of mothers, wives, and singles struggle daily with negative habits and addictions. In this rich resource -designed for personal use or as a guide for helping others, qualified biblical counselors look to Scripture alone to address your concerns. Topics include worry, anger, depression, eating disorders, verbal abuse, pornography, grief, care giving, and other issues of concern to women.
Women Counseling Women
$15.99 (USD)  

Women Of The Bible: One Year Devotional

Picture of Women Of The Bible: One Year Devotional
We know how men fit into the story of salvation, but what do women's stories tell us about God's love for us? Offering inspiration, background information, promises, and prayer, Spangler and Syswerda's weekly meditations on the lives of 52 Bible women illustrate God's gracious desire to work everything for good to those who love him.
Women Of The Bible
$16.99 (USD)  

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