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Streams In The Desert For Kids: 366 Devotions

Picture of Streams In The Desert For Kids: 366 Devotions
Streams in the Desert for Kids is a year-long book of devotions to help you when things seem hard. It is based on a famous book written many years ago—but this book is for today, for you. It has great stories, sports info, cool scientific facts, and timeless wisdom.
Streams In The Desert For Kids
$12.99 (USD)  

The Jesus Chronicles Study Materials

Picture of The Jesus Chronicles Study Materials
Jesus’ 3 ½ year public ministry comes alive in this vibrant, illuminating retelling by Pastor Jack Abeelen, a uniquely gifted Bible teacher. In The Jesus Chronicles, the Messiah’s sermons, healings, confrontations with Roman and religious authorities, and interactions with His disciples and the common people unfold chronologically, drawing the reader into the ancient world as if it were today.
The Inductive Study Vol. 1
$20.00 (USD)  
The Inductive Study Vol. 2
$20.00 (USD)  
The MP3 Studies
$29.99 (USD)  

The Master Plan Of Evangelism

Picture of The Master Plan Of Evangelism
It all started when Jesus called a few men to follow Him and share God’s message with their neighbors. We today are called to do the same thing but evangelism can be difficult, even intimidating. So what can we learn to make it easier. Though many evangelism resources today set aside biblical examples and instead offer the latest marketing techniques under the guise of doing a spiritual work, this book looks at the Bible and ultimately Jesus’ example to teach us how to go into all the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ.
The Master Plan of Evangelism
$12.99 (USD)  

The Story Of Noah

Picture of The Story Of Noah
Gather your children around as you read The Story of Noah by Pastor Chuck. Listen and read along as Pastor Chuck narrates to every child how Noah practiced godly principles and why God blessed him and his family. Children will also discover how God gave the animals an instinctive ability to go inside Noah’s Ark. So come along and see the obedience of Noah and learn why he chose to follow God. And in turn, teach your children these valuable lessons how they too can obey God. It’s never too early to start reading to your children these timeless Bible stories taught by Pastor Chuck. Imprint God’s Word upon their little hearts as you read these stories over and over again.
The Story Of Noah
$9.99 (USD)  

Then and Now Bible Maps

Picture of Then and Now Bible Maps
Trying to connect the "Middle East" of the six o'clock news with the Holy Land of the Bible? Here's a resource that fills in the blanks! Transparent maps of modern-day Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries lie flat over Bible maps showing the lands and cities where the patriarchs, Jesus, and the apostle Paul traveled. Tremendously helpful! 20 pages, spiral bound hardcover from Rose.
Then and Now Bible Maps
$19.99 (USD)  

Women Counseling Women

Picture of Women Counseling Women
Multitudes of mothers, wives, and singles struggle daily with negative habits and addictions. In this rich resource -designed for personal use or as a guide for helping others, qualified biblical counselors look to Scripture alone to address your concerns. Topics include worry, anger, depression, eating disorders, verbal abuse, pornography, grief, care giving, and other issues of concern to women.
Women Counseling Women
$15.99 (USD)  

Women Of The Bible: One Year Devotional

Picture of Women Of The Bible: One Year Devotional
We know how men fit into the story of salvation, but what do women's stories tell us about God's love for us? Offering inspiration, background information, promises, and prayer, Spangler and Syswerda's weekly meditations on the lives of 52 Bible women illustrate God's gracious desire to work everything for good to those who love him.
Women Of The Bible
$16.99 (USD)  

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