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The Jesus Chronicles & MP3

Picture of The Jesus Chronicles & MP3
Jesus’ 3 ½ year public ministry comes alive in this vibrant, illuminating retelling by Pastor Jack Abeelen, a uniquely gifted Bible teacher. In The Jesus Chronicles, the Messiah’s sermons, healings, confrontations with Roman and religious authorities, and interactions with His disciples and the common people unfold chronologically, drawing the reader into the ancient world as if it were today. Insightful cultural and historical details will enlarge your understanding of the Passion of Christ.
The Jesus Chronicles
$29.99 (USD)  

MP3 Joshua-Ruth, Ezra-Job

Picture of MP3 Joshua-Ruth, Ezra-Job
This study album contains all of Pastor Jack's studies from the books of Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, and Job. They have been encoded into the MP3 format, available on USB Flash Drive or CD Album.
Joshua-Ruth, Ezra-Job MP3 On USB
$19.99 (USD)  
Joshua-Ruth, Ezra-Job MP3 On CD
$9.99 (USD)  

Wiersbe Bible Commentary

Picture of Wiersbe Bible Commentary
Whether you are a pastor, teacher, or layperson, now you can study the Bible in easy-to-read sections that emphasize personal application as well as biblical meaning. Developed and abridged from Dr. Wiersbe's popular "Be" series of Bible study books, this commentary carefully unpacks the entire Bible. The Wiersbe Bible Commentary Complete Set offers you insights on the entire Old Testament, with introductions and outlines for each book, and clear, readable text that's free of lofty jargon. Non-technical. The CD-ROM contains the entire text of both books in a fully searchable PDF format.
Wiersbe Bible Commentary
$67.49 (USD)  

Unto the Hills: A Daily Devotional

Picture of Unto the Hills: A Daily Devotional
Billy Graham draws from his lifetime of study and ministry to offer this devotional classic, featuring 365 meditations to calm you and point you toward the One who can always help.
50 People Every Christian Should Know
$11.99 (USD)  

A Prophet with Honor: The Billy Graham Story

Picture of A Prophet with Honor: The Billy Graham Story
A Prophet with Honor is the biography Billy Graham himself invited and appreciated for its sympathetic but frank approach. Carefully documented, eminently fair, and gracefully written, it raises and answers key questions about Graham's character, contributions, and influence on the world religious scene. In this engaging and comprehensive book, William Martin gives readers a better understanding of the most successful evangelist in modern history, and the movement he led for over fifty years. A Prophet with Honor makes a vital contribution to the Billy Graham legacy and allows us to understand why his words, actions, and personality endeared him to popes and preachers, kings and presidents, and millions of Christians in virtually every nation and culture around the world.
A Prophet with Honor: The Billy Graham Story
$22.49 (USD)  

The 4 Wills of God

Picture of The 4 Wills of God
Should you take the job? Quit the job? Begin a relationship? End a relationship? Move? Plant roots? How do we find God's will for life's big decisions? What if you had total freedom? Emerson Eggerichs believes there is a clear answer to finding God's will. The Bible itself reveals the clue--a secret hidden in plain sight
The 4 Wills of God
$14.99 (USD)  

Unshakable Hope

Picture of Unshakable Hope
What is shaking in your world? Possibly your future, faith, family, or finances? It's a shaky world out there. In Unshakable Hope: Building Our Lives on the Promises of God, pastor and NYT bestselling author Max Lucado offers guidance for overcoming sadness and despair, renewing your purpose, and triumphantly facing the fears of the future.
Unshakable Hope
$17.24 (USD)